SuccessRecap: Visual Content that Gets the Most Links, Organic Ranking Search Factors, and more…

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Using memes properly in your business can be one of the visual content that gets most links and shares. Chuck Price discusses the other 5 in his article linked below.

Decreasing the website bounce rate can increase your website rankings. That is one of the 17 rankings factors that Matt Southern has identified in his post linked below.

Twitter Expands Character Count to 280, Snapchat Upcoming Redesign and Algorithm

Twitter expanding their character limit to 280.

In-House Team Or Outsourced Digital Marketing? Here’s How To Make The Right Choice

Think about your business’s objectives and examine your business model.

How To Write Email Newsletters That People Actually Want To Read

Our inboxes are oversaturated with emails. Cut through the clutter and write emails that your audience will actually look forward to opening.

6 Types of Visual Content That Get the Most Links & Shares

Publishing of rich visual content is one of the most powerful content marketing strategies you could ever use to boost your business or marketing campaigns.

Why Starting a Podcast Intrigues Forward-Thinking Content Marketers

Podcasting is the best way I have found to build the know, like, and trust factors online across a large audience, says Jerod Morris.


Looking to enhance the performance of your local PPC ads will help you to gain more, better quality leads and higher conversion rates.

7 Ways to Improve Your Retargeting Ad Campaigns

Retargeting ads are given to people who already have some relationship with your business.

Top 17 Organic Search Ranking Factors [STUDY]

An updated study from SEMRush reveals what are said to be the top organic search ranking factors in 2017.

Experts Share Their Top 8 Holiday Email Marketing Tips for 2017

It’s not too early to begin planning your holiday email campaigns. See what experts have to say about making a stellar holiday campaign for 2017.

How to Skyrocket Your Content Marketing with Cost-Effective Social Ads

Turning to cheap paid social ads is one of the simplest ways to generate tons of important, relevant traffic for pennies on the dollar.

3 Examples of High Performing Facebook Ads That Drive Leads and Sales

Facebook ads can be a great way to build your email list and sales. But you need to make sure you are constantly testing and making sure that you are not losing your money.

15 Ways to Find Facebook Content Ideas [Infographic]

To make the best use of social media platforms for business, you must be producing, and sharing, content.

5 Signs it’s Time for an Email Marketing Makeover

An email marketing makeover doesn’t mean slapping up a brand-new coat of paint on your current email design. It means digging below the surface to find out why users aren’t acting when they receive your message.

10 Steps to Optimize Your YouTube Video

YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind Google and also compliments Google Search Engine Result Pages. Optimizing your video will ensure it’s found in related searches.

Our Skyscraper Technique Failure & the Lessons We Learned

Learn some important lessons from  Skyscraper technique.

3 case studies of duplicate content consolidation

The best way to fix this problem is to consolidate the duplicate/similar content’s ranking signals into a singular version of the page.

31 Call To Action Examples (And How to Write the Perfect One)

Almost all of your marketing content should have a well-crafted call to actions meant to encourage action.


We found match rates increased for both demographic segments, age and gender. This suggests we can rely on this feature more and more for tweaking bids and targeting.

6 Marketing Tactics You Can Use to Boost Email Subscribers

With new technologies on the rise, email marketing can feel old-fashioned. In actuality, email marketing is still astonishingly effective – both in terms of a long-term brand building as well as generating profits.

Understanding the interplay of SEO and a 5-star reputation

Online reviews are not only affecting consumers, they’re also affecting search engine results.

Google rolls out AdWords promotion extensions, custom intent audiences & ad variations for testing

A new way to test ad variations is also rolling out in the new AdWords.

4 AdWords Hacks That Could Dramatically Increase Your ROI Overnight

Using  Google AdWords’ capabilities of scaling your business effectively, can enhance your brand awareness and considerably heighten your leads and revenue.

How to Create a Professional Promo Video on a Shoestring Budget

Right now, content creation is moving towards video-based mediums. Even for landing pages, videos have shown to convert better than text.

5 Ways SEO for Bing is Different from Google SEO

One of the biggest differences between Bing and Google has to do with keywords.
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